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Are you in Utah or the Boise area and are looking for a way to get turf onto your property but don’t know how to do it or even who to call? We’ve got you covered! Here at Turf Wise we offer products that are perfect for any type of vision you have. With our wide variety of Turf products, we can help you find the quality of turf you are looking for at the price you need. You choose exactly what you want and how you want it with Turf Wise. We believe that the old saying is how business should be done: the customer is always right! Choosing your material and setting up the parameters of your installation to make sure you are 100% happy is our ultimate goal.

Why Choose Turf?

We love this question! Why not choose turf? Let us give you a sample of the benefits of making the change!

  • Conserving water during the drought

  • Lowering water bills

  • Decreasing weekend chores

  • Enjoying erosion control

  • Lowering allergies

  • Increasing your home value

  • Creates safe recreational spaces for kids, adults and pets

What Does Our Installation Look Like?

We offer a free property measurement to assess how much square footage needs to be covered. We also will bring a selection of our products for you to look through and select your favorite. After going over specifics and making sure everything is up to your expectations we bring your product and use the measurements that we acquired through your free quote to begin.

Why Not DIY It?

As many of us that have done DIY before know, it doesn’t always go as planned. When we are talking turf installation we don’t want to get confused with sod installation. With sod, you are simply placing the grass on the ground and letting nature do the work. Turf installation comes with a multitude of steps, including:

  • Begin by accurately measuring

  • Preparing the base by making sure it’s graded properly to allow appropriate drainage (this may take some work and help from a building transit depending on the property and what was there before the turf)

  • Roll out the turf and cut it to the proper size

  • Seam the pieces together, making sure that all of the pieces are going in the same direction and aligned well

  • Roll out turf seam tape and stake it

  • Glue it down (using the right materials is key here)

  • Work your way around the perimeter to tighten the turf and cut off the excess

  • Add the infill

  • Sweep the turf with a stiff-bristled push broom or turf rake

All of these steps make sure that the turf turns out looking beautiful and lasts. While it’s not too complicated, we would recommend using a professional to make sure you get everything you hoped for out of your turf. With Turf Wise, you will always get trained experts who are licensed and insured.




Why Choose Turf Wise for Your Installation?

Whether you are starting fresh with an already prepared property or need to have everything prepared for you, including ripping out old sod, we can be there to do it all. Not only do we have the experts you need to get your job done but we also make sure your installation is done quickly and efficiently with the highest of standards. We pride ourselves in making sure everything is completed so you are thrilled with the results. None of us here at Turf Wise would be happy if we received services that didn’t make the grade so why would we expect you to? We’ll do everything we can to provide you with an experience you would love to do again!

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