DIY Turf

DIY Turf



DIY has become a huge sensation in our world today. You can pretty much learn about anything you want from the internet and use that knowledge to complete a project by yourself without having to rely on anyone else. DIY allows you to save money by cutting out the middleman and accomplishing a project on your own. If you want turf but you don’t want outside help with installation, we can help you out here at Turf Wise by offering you the turf product. We provide a price match guarantee with every purchase!

Do It Yourself Turf

Here’s a brief step by step guide to turf installation at home:

  • We can come to your property, measure and give you a free quote for materials.

  • Once you have your turf you will need to make sure your base is prepared for installations. This includes having the appropriate grading and leveling so you don’t have to worry about drainage issues.

  • You’ll then want to roll out your turf and cut it to the correct size.

  • You will seam the pieces together. To get the desired look, make sure that all of the pieces are going in the same direction and aligned well.

  • Glue everything down with the correct materials for your specific type of turf.

  • Work your way around the perimeter to tighten the turf and cut off all of the excess.

  • Add the infill, which typically consists of sand for residential properties.

  • Sweep the turf with a stiff-bristled push broom or turf rake to evenly distribute the infill and clean it up.

It’s important to research your options and the specific materials that go along with the turf you choose. You also want to make sure you have all of the materials you need. For example, if you get turf glue but don’t have the seam tape, your turf could end up looking very unprofessional and you’ll have to pay someone to come and fix it, essentially defeating the purpose of the DIY. 

Another point to consider while attempting a DIY turf installation is the amount of time that it will take to do your project. Depending on the size of the area you want done and the intricacies of the area you will need to plan out the appropriate amount of time it will take. With a small project it could be done in a day or so. However, entire yards or places that require a lot of cutting, seams and angles can take weeks to finish, especially if you are a newcomer and are on a learning curve. 

DIY turf installation can be done when you put the time into learning the ins and outs of the process. There are so many benefits to having turf that it can be worth it to take the leap, purchase the product from Turf Wise and learn a new skill. With the savings from your water bill, the amount that it helps you conserve on water, the lack of maintenance it requires and the look of it, turf is a great option for any buyer.

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