Dog Runs/Pet Areas

Dog Runs/Pet Areas



If you’re looking for a replacement to natural grass for your fury friend’s space, you’ve found the right stuff. At Turf Wise we provide all types of turf that are created for use in a variety of areas. One in particular is a great option for pets when natural grass or even no grass has become a bit of an issue.

Turf used for pet spaces and dog runs has advantages that grass does not, including:


With turf you will find that your pets wet and muddy paws become so much less of an issue! Synthetic turf provides better drainage of water, urine and mud than natural grass does and dries quickly.

Easy Cleanup

As mentioned, urine is easily drained through the turf. When it comes to pet waste, synthetic turf makes cleanup a breeze when you simply pick up after your pet and hose it off.


With pet-friendly turf you will find that they often include antimicrobial fibers to help control the odors from pet waste. You can also use high-performance infill that will significantly reduce odors.


When you have pets you know that what they leave behind can often cause dead, yellow spots in the grass that make your yard look sad and gross. You never have to worry about that with artificial turf. Turf is extremely hard to stain and cannot die because it is synthetically made. You’ll love how your yard looks consistently, even with your little friends using it on a day to day basis!

Less Weeds & Pests

Turf will make your life easier with less weeds and pests to worry about. With synthetic turf the grass is drier than natural grass and does not have soil to shelter insects where they can reproduce and cause issues for your pets when they are on the grass.

Pesticide Free

Natural grass has chemicals put on it year round for different seasons and multiple reasons. Fertilizers, chemicals for getting rid of weeds, getting rid of pests and disease. When you use turf it is guaranteed to last for years and you don’t have to apply any of these chemicals at any point.

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Whether you are starting fresh with a whole new area for your pet, you would like to add on to your existing space, or you want to add some space indoors, Turf Wise can get the job done for you. Not only do we have the experts you need to give your pet the room they need to stretch, run and play, we will also make sure that your pet area turf installation is done quickly and efficiently with the highest of standards. We pride ourselves in making sure everything is completed so you and your pet are thrilled with the results. We’ll do everything we can to provide you with an experience you would love to do again!

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